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What's DesignBold?

Amazingly simple tool

With the smartest and simplest interfaces, DesignBold gives you every tool necessary to turn ideas into stunning visual content for Web or Print, without special skills or technical expertise required.

Professional workspace

Pro designers will be salivating once they get their hands on the tools that DesignBold provides, allowing for faster ways to create and providing an ecosystem to collaborate with clients on just one page.

Dynamic platform

There are unparalleled opportunities created for photographers and artists to promote and benefit from contributing their own portfolios directly to DesignBold.

Be the Pro in your Social Network!

Design a professional Facebook Cover, YouTube Channel Art, or Marketing Materials in no time. Not to mention much more!

Be the Pro!

Don’t make a generic presentation, make something that stands out.

Do you remember the powerpoint presentations and resumes you saw as a highschooler? Don’t be like those, make something that really sets your message apart from the crowd. Take the time to make something special for your audience.

Be the Pro!

Your blogs and eBooks are personal, your illustrations should be as well.

You’ve spent so much time working on your content, carefully choosing every single word that communicates the message you’re trying to say; why would you do anything less for your illustrations? A picture can say a thousand words, what will yours say?

Be the Pro!

People are getting better at ignoring marketers, get your point across.

Long story short, your potential audience is constantly being inundated with messages from the moment they watch the morning news to the moment they set their phone to silent for the night, make a statement that your audience can’t ignore

Be the Pro!

Show them why you’re the life of the party. When they see your invite, they’ll RSVP.

Events & Invitation Cards are for special moments in life. The invitation cards should be just as special. Create a meaningful and personalized event or invitation card which your guests will have to put on their refrigerators, because it’ll be that special reminder of how meaningful the event was.

Be the Pro!

Every word counts, create a message that makes an impact.

Your customers are fickle creatures, one click or swipe and they’ve vanished, they’re gone. If you really want something that grabs their attention then you have to use compelling visual elements. A picture can say a thousand words, what will you say?

Be the Pro!

tour-1 any user interface quickly and easily

Choose from hundreds of stock UI design elements & patterns for web, iPhone, Android, Twitter and more. Draft, iterate, and finish your tour-1s faster than ever before.

Love your current tour-1 tools? Import flat tour-1 files from any popular tour-1 tool, or fully-layered tour-1s directly from Sketch and Photoshop.

Turn your tour-1s into high-fidelity tour-2s and fully-interactive tour-3s without leaving UXPin. No more re-creating interfaces multiple times in design process.

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Try our gorgeous ‘Playfair Display’ font to write your sweet message to someone special.

By: DesignBold

Tran Pearl

Oh, lovely color scheme~


Love this delicate design.

Choosing the perfect typeface will help your designs standing out more.

By: DesignBold


Amazing typefaces!

Kat Do



Officially addicted to @_DesignBold :) Super easy friendly to use, don’t need to install complicated and heavy software when using public computers. (y)

Fiona Morris

@_DesignBold is amazing! Now it’s super fun and relaxing to design my presentations and infographics. The impact is superrr, all my colleagues love my works. ;)

John Edwards

The best tool for free to design postcards. My friends are all surprised to receive such beautiful designed cards with personal touch from me. Thanks @_DesignBold for making my holiday season greater!

Nelisa Riki

Couldn’t be more pleased, I’m so glad I found @_DesignBold. Polished tons of photos in just few minutes and the output quality is awesome.

Chloe Hayes

@_DesignBold is by far the best editing tool I have tried. The layout mode is convenient; filters are all great and with loads of stickers available, making my designing times really enjoyable.

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