We Believe

It is the age of visual culture

The world is experiencing a shift to visual content. Never before have we experienced such a rise of image centric social networks.

Images are now becoming the “universal language”, which can convey a message, tell a story, and share a dream all by themselves.

Everyone should have the ability to express their imagination

We believe that every idea, if it can be thought, can be created; and it should be created beautifully by anyone who dares to dream it.

Designing should not be tough but somehow we are still bogged down with complicated, expensive software that puts design out of reach for most people.

We aim

To empower everyone from everywhere
to create visual content limited only by their own imagination.

Simple, but powerful design tools

With our simplest yet smartest interfaces, DesignBold gives you every necessary tool to turn your ideas into stunning visual contents for web or print media, without any special skills or technical training.

A collaborative platform

Share ideas, design together and collaborate without a hitch. DesignBold provides an arsenal of tools that lets your team create beautiful designs as a whole. For enterprises, giving input, feedback and adapting designs have never been easier.

Graphic Design Simplified