20 Go-To Handwritten Fonts Free For Commercial Use


Handwritten fonts are whimsical, rustic, and oh-so-current. Recently, these fonts have become a standard in both print and digital media as their vibrant personality and sense of artistry have swept everyone off their feet.

We dug through the web and picked out our top 20 beautiful, handwritten fonts. With Designbold’s new personalization features, you can now add any of these handwritten options – all free for commercial use – to your font deck.

Download: Mightype Banthers Something Wild Badhead Elrotex Cutepunk Connoisseurs Sweet Pineapple Pops Good Vibes Balqis Sophia Skinny Devious Arabella Blenda Bough Lauren Noelan Reis

Mightype is a hand-lettered script font created by the professional design team at AF Studio. It is simple and perfect for romantic branding for clothing brands, wineries, restaurants, cafes, and salons.

Banthers Created by Swistblink Design Studio, Banthers is a powerful combination of feminine curves and bold strong lines. It is wild and vintage, yet also dainty and modern. For the free version, click here.

Something Wild is a gorgeous, playful handwritten font created by the MediaLab team. With its wild spirit and rawness, Something Wild captures the authenticity that’s at the root of today’s handwritten font trend.

Badhead, created by Ianmikraz Studio, comes in several font faces with OpenType features, which you can access using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. This elegant, vintage script with varied smooth and bold strokes is perfect for adding charm and freshness to your branding design, greeting cards, logotypes, and so on.

Elrotex is a cool brush typeface perfect for creative and bold designs. Scripted by Maulana Creative, this handcrafted font will give your project a playful and daring touch.

Cutepunk is, like its name implies, cute and funky. This fresh looking typeface from Flou comes in light, regular, and bold faces. It is an incredibly good fit for any sweet design that needs a hint of spiciness.

Connoisseurs takes its name from the word meaning an expert judge in matters of taste. Fittingly, connoisseurs is a strikingly elegant brush font from Pixelbuddha. This chaotic (in a good way!) hand-drawn typeface will bring sophistication to stylish projects including greeting card, poster, studio, and poster design.  

Sweet Pineapple is a simple, vintage, hand-drawn serif font from Medialoot. It is ideal for titles and headlines of projects that need the added “umph” of a sweet, retro vibe. This font is free for personal and commercial use with attribution back to Medialoot.

Pops is a simple, smooth font with a tribal vibe courtesy of artist Sune Matras on Behance. He says: “Every handwritten letter is unique. Some handwriting is beautiful, some handwriting has a certain flow, and some are more personal than others. That’s why I tasked myself to create a font based on one of my father’s handwriting styles – a very personal and specific one – normally used for short messages and headlines.”

Good Vibes is a retro font created from the stylistically imperfect, but also perfectly funky stroke of Peter Olexa on Dafont. Its bold characters are ideal for those looking to add a strong retro vibe to their design.

Balqis is a feminine, cursive typeface. It varies thin and bold strokes to add an elegant, but playful feeling to your designs. The font’s simplicity is perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and logos.

Sophia, designed by Emily Spadoni on Behance, is a “sweet, saucy and a little shabby” font in a hand-lettered brush style. This feminine script, which comes in a three pack, is perfect for adding charm and personality to your design.

Skinny, created by the artist notfon1234, is currently one of the most popular handwritten fonts on Dafont. Its realistic imperfections and thin, uneven strokes mimic a child’s handwriting. The font is perfect for designers channeling a modern, playful vibe in their work.

Devious evokes a wicked film-noir feeling from days gone by, without abandoning the minimalism of today’s design aesthetic. Note that you need to use an OpenType-compatible programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign to access this fonts alternative characters (toggle between lowercase and uppercase to do so).

Arabella is a feminine and romantic calligraphy typeface, designed by MySunday Type Foundry via PixelBudhha. Use it to add glamour to photography or illustration or to add visual interest to a clean palette.

Blenda is an experimental font from Seniors Studio. This playful spinoff of the classic vintage “Lobster” font is ideal for eye-catching headers and bold text design.

Bough is a hand-drawn typeface with a retro vibe, designed by Pavel Korzhenko. The font includes a regular and condensed typeface and includes alternative glyphs for each letter, which adds tons of room for creativity.

Lauren is a beautiful calligraphy font that entrances with a combination of gentle and strong pen strokes. The font also comes with stylistic alternates via its OpenType features. This highly decorative font is best paired with a minimalistic design.

Noelan script is a clean calligraphy typeface from Ndroadv. It includes a wide range of alternative characters, including international characters from several languages.

Reis is a brush font by designer Marcelo Reis Melo. The fonts trendy, uneven strokes evoke rustic charm and, for some reason, make us hungry (maybe it’s the name).

Handwritten fonts add trendy visual interest to a wide range of designs, from cafe logos to wedding photo wall hangings. Be cautious, however, not to overuse the flashy charm of calligraphy fonts. They are best paired with simple backgrounds and sleek fonts. Otherwise, they can become busy and overwhelming. When it comes to these charming little wizards, less is more.


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