DesignBold 2018 Half Year Roundup – Exciting Improvements, Exciting News


Hi there Bolders,

How have you been? The month of August has started and we have been hard at work in making the DesignBold system faster and better in the previous 6 months. We have improved many existing features and also integrated more additions to enhance your experience of using DesignBold.

In this post, I am going to give you a quick rundown of the major improvements and additions to the DesignBold system since the beginning of 2018. It will help you to stay updated with all the designing magic you can use in your design projects.

API Integration Tool

We had been getting regular user requests to create the system to integrate DesignBold into their websites and apps.

With that in mind, DesignBold has released an API integration that allows different platforms to access our resources and utilize our tool. By doing this, we hope to bring our product one step closer to you. DesignBold’s online toolkit is now available for different companies and sites.

To become our partner, please follow these steps.

  • Sign in with your credentials at
  • Select API Integration on our landing page.
  • Select My Apps (top right corner)
  • Select “Get your AppID now!” to create an integration application.

For more information, please refer to

If you have any further question, you might be able to find an answer on our FAQ page

Become a partner with DesignBold today! Contact: [email protected]

The New Graph and Chart Design Tool

We have recently released a new addition to design Charts:

Now you can easily draw your own chart just by:

  • inputting all the data into only one table
  • choosing the types of the chart that describes your data best
  • adjusting the charts to fit your design

Have a quick overview of the Design Tool below:

This tool also allows you to change the data on the table flexibly, and your charts will be automatically changed to fit the new data.

Simple as that, your charts are made without troubles and struggles to edit each bar, line, pie, and so on to describe the data correctly.

No more dumb chart representing the incorrect info, this upgrade is particularly useful for presentations and infographic design. With more than 20 types of charts, designing charts have never been this easy!

To master this powerful feature, read this article where we go in-depth into its every aspect. Do try this new tool and share your design with us!

The New Dynamic PDF Rendering System

Earlier this year, we updated the system for PDF rendering to support hyperlinking texts while designing and downloading the PDFs.

This new rendering system is many notches ahead than the previous one showing significant improvement in 2 major aspects:

  • Higher output quality as well as reduced rendering time of the designs you create.
  • Fast rendering of your designs.

With the new rendering system

  • Download files (in any PNG, PDF, JPEG format) will have higher quality.
  • Creating copyable text & hyperlinks is now supported in PDF format.
  • The rendering speed is 5x faster than the older system. For example, a 30-pages long document will take less than 2 minutes to render, which used to take around to 8-10 minutes with the older system.


Review us

In the last month, we’ve been proud to be the featured Designing Software on Visit our review page here.

As your honest reviews are always of great importance to us, we’d love to have you guys review us. To say thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, FitSmallBusiness is offering a $ gift card to the first 10 US-based users who complete a review. The
gift card is from FitSmallBusiness, and your eligibility to receive it is in no way conditioned on
the content of your review. Please go to our review page and share your thoughts!

In the upcoming months, we have some more amazing features planned at DesignBold that will revolutionize the way you create and edit designs. As always, our aim is to make DesignBold the best and one-stop designing solution for all your online and offline uses.

Thank you, and Happy Designing!

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