30 Most Favorite Facebook Stickers


In this post, we present to you 30 most favorite Facebook Stickers with some fun facts about them.

People today love texting so much that it become one of the most favorite means of communication.While chatting through Facebook Messenger, people often use Facebook Stickers to express their feeling or simply because they don’t know what to say. We’ve worked out some research to make this list for you guys.


Minion Facebook Stickers

They’re back! Join the Minions madness with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

In order to advertise for the upcoming blockbuster “Despicable Me 2”, Illumination Entertainment (producer of “Despicable Me 2”) and Facebook co-operates with Facebook to create that sticker set of cute Minions

Most Favorite Facebook Stickers


Pusheen Eats Facebook Stickers

Pusheen fights hunger with the World Food Programme.

We all know that Netizens have affection for cats for a long time, Fat Pusheen cat is not an exception. Despite Pusheen’s face is “unemotional” in comparison with the others Facebook Sticker Character, but his cute action still attracts tons of Facebook users

Pusheen Eats Facebook Stickers


Meap Facebook Stickers

A tiny friend with big emotions, from lovestruck to ROTFL.

“Meap” is one of the first Facebook stickers. Meap is bigger and shinier version of yellow face icon on Yahoo or Facebook. Meap Facebook Stickers is both Classic and Modern

Meap Facebook Stickers


Snoopy’s Moods Facebook Stickers

Everyone’s favorite beagle shows his many faces.

At this time, Snoopy is currently 64-year-olds but he is still an adorable symbol for children around the world

Snoopy’s Moods Facebook Stickers


Manchester United Facebook Stickers

For the passion. For the glory. For the supporters of Man Utd.

A beautiful Facebook Sticker from Manchester United, one of the best football club in England with 20 Premier League Cup. It is an indispensable Facebook Sticker for all Mancunian.

Manchester United Facebook Stickers


League of Legends Facebook Stickers

Aww, c’mon, what’s the worst that could happen?

League of Legends Facebook Stickers

Needless to say, this sticker set is based on the most played game in the world – League of Legends. In this sticker set, all champions are recreated to be more adorable and cute (except for Draven)

Batman V Superman Facebook Stickers

The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Who will win?

Batman V Superman Facebook Stickers

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman now appear on Facebook thanks to this Facebook Sticker set. Let’s use them to express your emotion.

Suicide Squad Facebook Stickers

Worst. Heroes. Ever.

Are you are a big fan of this cutest couple Harley Queen and Joker or the Worst Heroes Ever team ?. Designers of this sticker set must have spent too much time to make these character cute like this  because almost all of them are basically ugly.

Suicide Squad Facebook Stickers

Bruce Lee Facebook Stickers

Be water, my friend.

Bruce Lee is many people’s first superhero on TV (before Iron Man and Superman appear). Do you still remember him?. The Kungfu legend now comes back, this time on Facebook through this beautiful sticker set.

Bruce Lee Facebook Stickers

Pandadog and Friend Facebook Stickers

Watch these cute critters laugh, cry and just lose it.

Meet Pandadog and his friend, this sticker set was brought to you by Funnyeve.Their adorable action might melt your heart.

Pandadog and Friend Facebook Stickers


MiMi Strikes Back Facebook Sticker

This tech-savvy girl is back to take on the world.

Maruko chan is the famous anime series for kids in Japan. For a long time, this cute girl with yellow shirt become a symbol of Japanese children. Use this adorable sticker to express your emotion while chatting with your friend.

MiMi Strikes Back Facebook Sticker

Angry Birds Facebook Sticker

Emotions run high (mostly anger) with Red and the rest of the flock.

Red, Terence, and Angry Birds team are coming to Facebook and seems like that they still follow Green Piggies to retake their eggs. In Facebook Stickers version, Angry Birds are not only angry, they now can laugh, say “Hi” or “I love U”.

Angry Birds Facebook Sticker

SpongeBob & Friends Facebook Sticker

Have the best day ever with Spongebob and his Bikini Bottom pals.

SpongeBob & Friends Facebook Sticker

Another famous cartoon character come to Facebook, it’s time for SpongeBob & Friends. He is still adorable in this Facebook Stickers Version. SplongeBob and Patrick Star can bring you back to your childhood.

Naughty Foods Facebook Sticker

This gang of groceries is positively rotten.

Unlike the other cute and adorable Facebook Sticker Set, Naughty Foods is an ugly, dirty sticker but it is still funny. In my opinion, this is a must-use-sticker-set while chatting with your best friends.

Naughty Foods Facebook Sticker

Mockingjay Facebook Sticker

Inspired by the famous adventure movie series “The Hunger Games”, Facebook has caught up with the trend by releasing the “Mockingjay” sticker collection to satisfy all the Hunger Games Fans. Raise up with Katniss Everdeen and the rebel force, against the Capitol and Presiden Snow to fight the injustice. May the odds be ever in your favor

Mockingjay Facebook Sticker

Shaun the Sheep Facebook Sticker

Join the flock with Shaun the Sheep and his farmyard friends!

Shaun the Sheep Facebook Sticker

It’s Shaun the Sheep. It’s Shaun the Sheep. Let’s have fun with the bright and clever Shaun and his lovely friends. How adorable sticker collection is! Also with diverse shades of emotion, this “Shaun the Sheep” collection will absolutely meet your demands. Let’s get on the nostalgia train back to your childhood now.

Kung Fu Panda Facebook Sticker

Kung Fu Panda Facebook Sticker

Get the ideas from the amazing cartoon movie series “Kung Fu Panda”, Facebook has made a right decision releasing one of their most favorite sticker collection “Kung Fu Panda”. Who cannot be melted in front of those adorable stickers? Light up your mood with Po the panda and friends!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Facebook Sticker

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Facebook Sticker

Inspired by the superbly famous “Star Wars”, Facebook released ”Star Wars: The Force Awakens” sticker collection for all the Star War crazy fans all over the world. Isn’t it interesting to be nostalgic and get to know more about a movie series that have become a part of American culture? Feel the force with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

A Frozen celebration Facebook Sticker

A Frozen celebration Facebook Sticker

Following the trend of the Disney blockbuster animated movie “Frozen”, Facebook has provided us a wonderful sticker collection. Let’s download now and spread the love and the laughs through the world with these adorable stickers of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf the lovely snowman.

Shiba Inu Facebook Sticker

Shiba Inu Facebook Sticker

Light up your gloomy mood with the cuteness of Shiba Inu, a loyal friend of us. Who doesn’t love Shiba ? I just can’t get enough. Look how adorable they are !

Inside Out Facebook Sticker

Inside Out Facebook Sticker

Meet all the little cuties inside your head : Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. What can be more perfect than using the stickers of these characters to express your emotion? Let’s enlighten your conversation with “Inside Out” sticker collection now.

Gumball Facebook Sticker

Gumball Facebook Sticker

Meet up with the new friends from the famous cartoon series “The Amazing World of Gumball”. There’re now icons with the funny and unique quotes that will totally suit your needs. Let’s bask in the amazing life with full of laughs with Gumball and friends.

Rilakkuma Facebook Sticker

Rilakkuma Facebook Sticker

“Rilakkuma” in English means “ A bear in relaxed mood”. Release stress and pressure with this adorable Japanese friend. All the stickers with diverse shades of emotion will totally light up your conversations and keep friends closer.

Love is in the Air Facebook Sticker

Love is in the Air Facebook Sticker

On the occasion of Valentines’ Day, Facebook released a collection of the most adorable stickers expressing love from the old ones. Confess your feelings. Use these stickers with not only your lovers but also your friends and families to show how much you love them while you still are able to do that.

Mugsy Facebook Sticker

Mugsy Facebook Sticker

Seeing this little French puppy getting himself into troubles will turn everybody on. Whatever he does is just so adorable. Let’s download “Mugsy” sticker collection to show off your lovely personality with Facebook.

Waddles Halloween Facebook Sticker

Waddles Halloween Facebook Sticker

A Spooky season is coming so close and there’s no better way to welcome Haloween than by the cutest way with this “Waddles Halloween” sticker collection. Everything is no needed to be creepy. Make every day your special day with this lovely penguin

The Dam Keeper Facebook Sticker

The Dam Keeper Facebook Sticker

Kill all the bad with your kindness like this little-introverted piggy. No need to say much, everybody still adores you. The “The Dam Keeper” sticker collection is inspired by the meaningful movies having the same name.

Best friends Facebook Sticker

Best friends Facebook Sticker

Two against the world. A friend in need is indeed. Show how you cherish your bestie with “Best Friends” sticker collection.

Bibimbap Friends Facebook Sticker

Bibimbap Friends Facebook Sticker

Get ready for an amazingly delicious adventure with bibimbap friends. Get to know about Korean food culture with this lovely sticker collection. Let’s inspire your conversation with Facebook Messenger.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for following up with us to the end. It’s my pleasure to create the list of 30 Most Favorite Facebook Sticker for you guys. Feel free to leave the comment below of what you guys wanna know more about for us to know.



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