5 design formulas to standout on social media

Social media sites are one of the most useful tools to expand the services and business at the present. It’s crucial to have the design tools in order to standout on social media.

The present era marks the explosion of mass media with the ability to connect rapidly and communicate information to a variety of subjects in a short amount of time. It has made social media a useful tool for the business process of many companies.

In this article, let’s take a look at the five design formulas that make a standout in today’s social media. At the same time, we will highlight the importance of design tools for today’s social media channel.

5 design formulas to standout on social media
How to design the social media channels to get the public’s attention effectively?

Design formulas to make a mark in social media:

Popular media channels such as Facebook, online newspapers, Instagram, Zalo, etc. can all be social media with constant influences on the public. So how can we have a quick design that helps social media channels become more prominent?

1. Image quality – an important factor in determining the appeal of the media:

In today’s busy society, many people do not have enough time to identify the right media channels by the content. This gives images an extremely important role to catch the visual attention of the audiences. Social media channels need to have a quality image, a good topic, and the ability to attract the attention of audiences to become more prominent and professional.

5 design formulas to standout on social media
The image is an important factor to make a standout for social media channels

For an effective image quality, you should pay attention to the formula that combines image quality, colour, layout and the font on the image. If you do not know any quick design formula, go to DesignBold image design with an impressive qualified gallery that you should not ignore.

2. Create a personal style for social media channels:

Every present social media channel needs to have a unique style that can’t be confused with each other so that the public can get the most accurate view of their favourite media channels.

In order to have a personal style, social media channels can express them with their own logos, common colours, stickers, etc.

3. Design of media channel postings:

Posts are touted as the soul of the media, so there should be ways to design posts logically so that the media channels can attract more customers, the public interest and incite following. An effective way to design a post is focusing on the most important posts, meanwhile putting more emphasise on the content of the post.

5 design formulas to standout on social media
Posts are touted as the soul of the media

4. Mass media design should focus on the media messages:

Communication messages are very important in expressing the field, content and meaning that the media wants to convey to the public. Mass media should be designed to put the highest focus on the media messages to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

5. The size and layout of social media channels:

The general size and layout of the mass media should be harmonized in design to give the public a special attention to the content that social media brings.

5 design formulas to standout on social media
The size and layout in general of the mass media should be harmonized in design

With the quick design formulas for social media channels above, we hope you will get more insight view into media design and their importance to have a good media channel design for business.


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