DesignBold Basics – How To Blur Images


You have ever heard about bokeh photography, haven’t you? To get such a satisfying photo, you must have knowledge of aperture, focal length, background etc. which are so complicated for an amateur. Why don’t trying another easier way bringing the same professional effects? Find out the answer by learning how to blur your images with DesignBold right now!

DesignBold Basics- How to blur images

Steps to blur images with DesignBold

Creating blur images is helpful to highlight other details in the design. Besides, the DesignBold tools assist you to not only blur but also sharpen images just with some simple steps below:

  1. Click on the image that you want to blur
  2. Select Filter, then Advances to find more options
  3. Select Blur, slide left/ right to increase/decrease the translucency of the selected image.

Check out the video below to learn how to use this feature:

A little blurry, a little artistic

With the blur feature of DesignBold, your photo would be much more magnificent in different ways. For example, a natural landscape photo after being blurred would make the viewer feel as if the forest is shrouded in mist.

DesignBold Basics- How to blur images

Blur background for attractive designs

Have you ever got confused to choose a background image? Which one would highlight the text? Is this one or that one more eye-catching? One tip for you is picking out an image of enormous space with various colors as a background. Afterwards, adjust suitably the image blur level to emphasize the text on it as well as not to make the background faint.

How to blur images

Be more creative! Do not hesitate to combine blur images with other effects like Transparency or Contrast and you will find out incredibly breathtaking design!

Check it out!

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