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Among a lot of categories on Designbold Academy, ‘Tutorials’ is a useful source of information in which we show you not only the way to use DesignBold’s online design tools effectively, but also many other graphic design tips to create your own stunning artwork. So, what do we have in ‘Tutorials’? 
DesignBold Basics 
This series would introduce to you all of basic manipulation with DesignBold from easy features to advanced ones. You can create a highly – qualified design just by using those simple tutorials. 
DesignBold Features 
DesignBold is not a tool, DesignBold is a design community. We hope to give users not only design tool but also a lot of bonus features to connect, inspire and promote Bolders. 
DesignBold Tips 
Besides information related to our tool, we also introduce to you a wide range of actual design knowledge, with the aim to improve your aesthetics.