Compare The Leaders In Online Design: DesignBold Vs. Canva

DesignBold is a simple, powerful, and intuitive online design tool that lets anyone create stunning visual content for print or digital media in minutes. Although the award-winning startup shares a lot in common with market leader Canva, DesignBold is out to prove that it’s not only an alternative to Canva, but greater than it.

Same, Easy-to-Use Design Features

It’s easy to master DesignBold’s intuitive features, even if you’ve never used design software before. If you’re used to Canva, getting started with DesignBold is a breeze since many of DesignBold’s features work in the same way as Canva.

Both design tools give you over 180 fonts and a full color wheel (with hex codes) to choose from. Both offer personalization features that make it easy to design in accordance with your company’s brand characteristics or style manual, including custom colors and fonts.

We want to give our users more, though, which is why you can upload 30 to 50 custom fonts on our tool, versus just 25 on Canva. More fonts mean more space for creativity and variation in your design.

Fresh Templates

Over 10 million users are pulling from Canva’s template pool. That means many businesses are using the same designs for their promotions. DesignBold is a fresher, more agile alternative offering unique designs to a more exclusive group of SMEs, nonprofits, digital marketers, independent consultants, and hobbyists.

Like Canva, DesignBold lets you choose from thousands of editable design templates for your project. You’ll find everything – from infographics to Instagram posts to wedding invitations – on our site.

Our templates aren’t cookie cutters. They’re fully customizable, drag-and-drop-friendly designs that you can rearrange, pull apart, or build from scratch.

More Stock Media with DesignBold – Better Price

If the image you’re looking for is one-in-a-million, we have 40 of them. Draw from DesignBold’s pool of over 40 million premium stock photos, images, and vectors using our advanced keyword search. Compare that to Canva, which offers ~1.5 million stock photos.

DesignBold gives all users access to more than 300,000 free stock photos. And, with DesignBold, each premium stock photo costs only $0.80, compared to $1.00 on Canva.

Get this:

  • If you sign up for DesignBold Professional, you get 20 premium stock photos every month for free! ($16 dollar value)
  • If you sign up for DesignBold Team, you get 100 complimentary stocks per month ($80 dollar value).

DesignBold offers more media than Canva at a better price, especially when it comes to stock photos.

Unlimited Storage with DesignBold

Both DesignBold and Canva are cloud-based tools that save your work and let you return to past designs at any time. Canva caps free users’ storage at 1GB, but DesignBold never restricts the number of designs you can create and save to our server. Storage is always unlimited.

Likewise, if you create a design – like a long report or ebook – that is longer than 30 pages, you won’t be able to download it on Canva. We wanted to give our users more, so we pushed this number to 40 (and we’re still pushing).

See DesignBold and Canva side-by-side below. Start designing at

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