How to create a killer Facebook Ad design for your product


If you have a great product and promote it on Facebook, just make sure that your Facebook Ad image is not the reason why your promotion campaign fails. Here in DesignBold Academy, we show you how to avoid that case.

It is not easy to create a stunning and impressive Facebook Ad, since designing one demands a lot of aesthetics, creativity and the ability to harmonize colors. In fact, it is not rare for Marketers to make mistakes when design a Facebook ad, in turn, causing the promotion less effective.

Whether you are a professional or not, with the help of DesignBold, the problems will no more exist. What’s great about DesignBold is that it features a huge resource of online design, giving you the freedom to creatively design your own Facebook Ad. Today, we will show you how to utilize that resource effectively.

What Infomation is needed on a Facebook Ad?

While a Advertising Poster requires some certain information, Facebook Ad only needs a shorter amount of info. Before creating a Facebook Ad, answer these following questions yourself to have a broader view on what you should put in your Facebook Ad:

  • What Product do you offer?
  • What is the biggest feature of the product?
  • Where can customers learn more about you and your product?

And the most important detail on the Facebook Ad is the title, this is the key to attract the Facebook users to continue reading the next lines. Therefore, spend time and effort making it stand out!

How to create a Facebook Ad design

Follow these steps to make a killer Facebook Ad design:

1. To get started, choose a suitable Poster layout

There are a lot of different kinds of poster layout on DesignBold. To create a poster with the right size and resolution, choose a poster layout provided by DesignBold. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On DesignBold’s homepage, click on New Design
  2. Choose View all Doctypes
  3. In the Ads and Commercials category, choose Facebook Ad.

2. Add Pictures

DesignBold provides its users with a large number of free stock photos. To use photos in the Recruitment theme, do as follows:

  1. Go to Search.
  2. Choose Free Photo to get access to the free background photos, or DB Premium for paid premium photos.
  3. Drag the photo to the desirable position.

DesignBold also allows users to use their own photos:

  1. Click Upload.
  2. Choose your favorite photo, then upload it on DesignBold.
  3. Drag the photo to the desirable position.

You can add filters to your image:

How to create a killer Facebook Ad design for your product

3. Add ShapesLines and Icons

  1. Click on Search. You can find a lot of additional elements which can elevate your Poster in the ShapesLines or Icons category.
  2. Drag the elements to your desirable position.

How to create a killer Facebook Ad design for your product

4. Add Text

To add more content to your design, do as follows:

  1. Click on “Text”.
  2. Click on your desirable type of text (Heading, Subheading, Body text), then drag it to the position that you want.
  3. To change the content of the text, click on the text then change it as you want.

After finishing all these steps, don’t forget to Download your design to your computer!

Watch this video to have better understanding of the above steps:

Create a killer Facebook Ad for your Product now!

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