DesignBold Features- How To Get Free Coins

Receiving free coin is a feature that DesignBold offer its users in order to help them access to the paid resources without any payments. Why is this so necessary? In fact, beside numerous free collections of various resources, DesignBold also offers the users premium ones at low costs. To make use of these resources, you must upgrade to Premium account (19$/month) or buy coins.

DesignBold is not only a design tool but also a community. Why is it so? Actually, DesignBold encourages its users to share the network of design to their friends through ‘Invite friends’ feature. After having done this, both you and the ones invited would receive 2 coins. This is how DesignBold builds such a colossal design community and makes the premium resources accessible to all the users.

How to invite friends?

  1. Click on your Avatar, select Invite a friend
  2. In Invite friends section, you can go forward by 1 out of 3 ways below

Send the link

In Get direct link part, select Copy. Then, just send this link and send it to your friends

DesignBold Features- How To Get Free Coins

Send an invitation code

Select Get an invitation code, copy then send it to your friends

DesignBold Features- How To Get Free Coins

Send the invitation through social media

In Or send using email part, select the channel, log in( if necessary) then send it to your friend

DesignBold Features- How To Get Free Coins

How can the invited friends get coins?

Confirm the invitation

In each cases, invited members have different ways to confirm the invitation

Invited by link

The new member click onto the link and make new account on DesignBold

Invited by invitation code

  • Make new account on DesignBold
  • Click here to enter the invitation code. Or click onto the Avatar, select Invite a friend. In Verify as an invitee part, enter the code, the Verify

Invited through social media

In this case, just click onto the link then make a DesignBold account

Verify the email address

n notice after the invited member join DesignBold. In case there is no notification, just click onto the Avatar, select Account settings, in Personal information section, select Click to resend the verification email.

Make the first work on DesignBold

The new members select a random design, edit something and click Save 

Just watch the video below to learn more about the process of getting free coin

How to know that I have received coins?

For each successful invitation, 2 coins will be automatically added in Bonus Coins section. You can also check how many invitations accepted in Verified Invitees section in Invite friends features

What is free coin used for?

You can utilize coins to access to all the design template containing advanced resources (marked by coin symbol). However, coin is valueless in the designs exclusive for Pro users (indicated by crown symbol)

After you finish the work containing advanced resources and download it, the total coins in your account will be minus equivalent to the number of coins required by advanced resources you have used

Notice: You can invite maximum 20 friends, equivalent to 40 coins!

Invite your friends!

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