DesignBold Features – How To Rename Designs


Renaming design is a fundamental feature that DesignBold offers its users. Why is it so useful? In fact, all the designs would be automatically saved with default names like: Untitled Instagram Post, Untitled Social Media, Untitled Logo… However, after creating a collection including a large number of designs with these default name, the users would get into trouble finding a particular one. Therefore, DesignBold users are advised to rename their designs so that they would find out each one easily later

DesignBold Features - How To Rename Designs

How to rename designs?

There are 2 places that design could be renamed with simple steps. Just follow the directions below

1. On ”My design’ site

  • On DesignBold homepage, click on your Avatar, select My design 
  • In your designs list, select the one you want to rename, right-click or click on See more…, select Rename
  • Type the name you like then click Done

DesignBold Features - How To Rename Designs

2. Right on design interface

  • Open design interface, click on the ‘pencil’ symbol right beside design default name
  • Type a new name
  • Click on the ‘tick’ symbol

Why is renaming design necessary?

You must be familiar with seeking for layouts, images, design elements…and now, learning how to rename designs would make your design experience on DesignBold more simple and interesting. From now on, you do not need to spend time reviewing all your designs just to pick out one; instead, after renaming your design, the following steps would help you find it out effortlessly

How to quickly find your design?

DesignBold Features - How To Rename Designs

  1. On DesignBold homepage, click on your Avatar, select My designs.
  2. Type the keywords out of your design’s name in Search design (magnifier symbol).
  3. Enter to see the design you are searching for.

To learn more about other features on DesignBold to create your stunning design, please visit the Tutorials category on DesignBold Academy for more updates!

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