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Welcome to the Power of the Team – DesignBold Team Function

Hi there Awesome Bolder!

We hope 2018 has been great for you as it has been for us (see our 2018 Recap).

We are at the cusp of 2019 and we wish that it becomes the year that takes you higher in your personal, professional and of course in your designing tasks.

In the last couple of months of 2018 the DesignBold team has been very active in giving the final touches to one of the biggest addition to our system – The Team Function.

With the new Team Function, DesignBold now provides a fun, fast, and affordable designing system to large or small teams. To make it even sweeter, it is completely free to start using the team function with all its basic features.

1. Who can use the team function?

Everyone! As we stated just above, the team function is free to use. If you have a DesignBold account then you are ready to create your own team.

2. For whom the Team Function is best suited?

The team function is apt for every user who has one or more than one small or large team.

For example, let’s say, for your online magazine you have a total of 20 people working together. You can create 2 teams with 10 members each carrying out the tasks of “content writing” and “social media marketing”. Each of the two teams will have their own designing tasks and you as the admin will have an overview of both the teams.

That’s how simple it is to create teams and start using the DesignBold team function.

What is Free & Pro Team?



The basic team feature is free to use.

But, there is also the option to upgrade any of your teams to Pro. The Pro upgrade provides more control and additional features for the members of your team.

Each member of the Pro Team gets access to all the Pro Designing features.

3. Team Features

Let me provide a quick mention of all the features and benefits of DesignBold Team function that will make DesignBold a must-have tool for your team of Warriors!

#1. Unlimited Teams



  • Create as many Teams you want (for free) & then add up to 50 members per team. Assign them specific roles in addition to designing access for all the members.

#2. Custom “Brand Kit” for Teams



  • Create a consistent and customized look for your brand.  All design works, stock photos, fonts, and vectors can be stored in DesignBold Workspace and the whole team can use the resources. Thus, making it possible to create a consistent look for your brand.
  • Have your whole team design with the same colors and font combinations! Team color palletes and fonts can be set up by designers and are visible in the design editor for all team members.

The “Customised Colour Palette” option is available to the Pro Teams

Custom Team Color Palettes (Click on the image to enlarge)

#3. Unlimited Storage & Shared Design Resources


(Share & collaborate among team members)

  • Store and share all designs and resources: All design works, stock photos, fonts, and vectors can be stored in DesignBold Workspace and share to the whole team to use. We provide unlimited storage for design works, 2GB to unlimited storage for all your resources, and you can upload up to 1000 fonts in various languages of your own!

The unlimited storage and 1000 fonts are available to Pro teams

#4. Common Access to Designing Features


All team members get common access to features

Members of Free Teams get access to all Features of the Free Personal Plan. Members of the Pro plan get access to all the Pro features (and free features)
(Check the Free and Pro features)

  • Magic Resize for all your social postsin different dimensions:
    All marketers’ dreams have become true. Turn your design into different dimensions with just 1 click, and share straight to your social channels.

The “Magic Resize” option is available to the Pro Teams

A quick recap to all features accessible to Pro Team Members.

  • Free access to ALL layouts on DesignBold (Free+Premium)
  • Magic Resize – Resize designs into different sizes in a breeze
  • Endless customization (custom color palettes, 20 custom fonts, 50 design folders)
  • Unlimited personal resources storage
  • Social media post scheduling (Coming soon)

#5. Centralized Billing System for all the Team members



  • Centralised billing system: If you have upgraded to a Pro team, then you do not need to individually pay for each member. Once you create a team and upgrade the team to Pro, then all the members get access to the pro features. At the same time, you can pay for all members collectively at a time (monthly or yearly)

For example, let’s say you have 2 members in your social media team (including the Team Owner, that is you). Then for the Pro Membership of your team, you would pay 2 X 9.99 USD monthly as a single payment for the 2 members.

The simple formula that can be followed to calculate the cost for a Team which you want to Upgrade to PRO Team

(Number of Team Members) x 9.99$

How do you control the purchase or Premium Stock Images for your Team?

  • Irrespective whether the team is Free or Pro, you can purchase coins for your team members at a time (which they can use to buy premium stocks in your company designs).
  • As the team administrator, you also can control which team members can spend coins to buy the premium stocks. (For example, other than the Admin, team members who are assigned the “Billing Accounts” role only can spend the coins.
  • All the purchased images are displayed in the quick access panel for the members to check and use.

Quick Wrap up:

We just went through all the basic benefits and features of DesignBold Team Function.

The Best Part is: All Team Features are Free of Charge. Creation and Management of your team won’t cost you a dime at all!

Only when you want to have Pro designing features for your team, you have the option to upgrade your free team to Pro Team. This makes the DesignBold Pro features accessible to all the members of that team.


So, what are you waiting for! Take the DesignBold’s new Team Function for a spin.

No matter if you have a small team, an agency, a start-up or a big enterprise, you’ll definitely benefit from this new feature!

Hung Dinh

CEO, DesignBold

Try out the team options and do provide us with your feedback or share any doubts you may be having. Let us bring on the Power of the Team!