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Hey there Bolders!

You already know that DesignBold is a powerful and efficient online tool to create excellent graphic design materials for social media, websites and printing requirements.

However, consider this. If you own a website or App, how cool it would be to integrate DesignBold directly into your platform!

In this post, I will be talking about how you can integrate DesignBold into your website or app to provide an excellent graphic designing experience to all your users.

The best part is that the users do not need to leave your website. They can perform all their designing tasks, staying at your site, all by the click of a button.

It’s the beauty of DesignBold button integration, and via this post, I will guide you how you can do so on your platform.

Why are visuals so important?

Many will ask, is it even a question?

We are living in the era where visual marketing rules every sphere of our lives. For every decision that we make, designs+colors+graphics play a major role in shaping up or influencing that decision.

There are abundant examples around you where you can notice the vibrant application of design & colors to motivate and influence the users. For example, take the case of Optus Ventures. To make people notice their rebranding Optus used a marketing strategy primarily focusing on designs and colors (to emphasize their New Slogan “Yes”)

Visual Marketing by Yes Ventures

Each one of us is exposed to thousands of images and graphics contents every single day. Companies use visuals to drive home the message of their products and services. On a personal level, people are continually using designs to express their thoughts and emotions on multiple social media platforms.

There is just no way to hide from this graphic design revolution.

It is a scientifically proven fact that our brains perceive visual information better than any other form of data, or as the saying goes, “One picture speaks a thousand words.”  

Our senses are stimulated, our consciousness is affected, our perception is manipulated, and our decisions to act are triggered hugely by what occupies our eyesight.

Content creators and businesses are being better aware of this and thus adjusting their communication channels accordingly to appeal to the user’s visual perception. We have covered this in detail in previous posts, how companies are using the power of designs to drive sales and improve customer acquisition.

How can DesignBold help you in leveraging the Power of designing in your App, Website or Platform?

The growing demand for graphic contents is undeniably higher than ever.

However, it is not always possible, practical and affordable for sites, extensions and venture owners to have their native graphic designing and editing tool.  It’s because, whether you are a web app, e-commerce platform, social media tool, website owner, blog plugin creator or an ad network; developing a fully functional design editor requires money, human resource and a considerable amount of time.

So, what if there is a way to provide your visitors a powerful designing tool directly integrated with your platform? (Without you actually investing time and money to create the editor yourselves)

It will give a chance to your followers to craft awesome designs by staying at your site. You will be able to provide a unique graphic designing experience and also increase the user retention. Hence, the question again comes back to “Is it possible to do so?”

It is entirely possible with the use of DesignIt button and this is where DesignBold is going to play a major role in helping you leverage the power of Designing & Editing.

Welcome to the DesignIt Button, powered by DesignBold.

How does DesignIt button works?

In short, DesignIt Button adds the design editor and the entire DesignBold ecosystem to your platform, without utilizing any of your online resources. The DesignIt button is one of the easiest ways have a full-fledged graphic designing tool integrated with your app or platform.

You just need to install the DesignIt button and click on it to see the magic unfold.

DesignIt Button from DesignBold enables a website or App user to browse through DesignBold library of over 10,000 beautiful layouts, professional images, and graphic elements. Users can create, edit, save or download their designs.

Give your users the ability to create beautiful designs without professional skills like AI, Photoshop.

Better yet, users can utilize these features via an Iframe so that they stay on the original website. The best part is DesignIt Button is entirely free and super easy to install!

Integrate with us, let’s grow together.

How DesignIt Button benefits your platform?

Let’s assume you have a platform where you want the users to create and submit their designs. DesignIT can make this seemingly complex issue very simple.

Follow these simple steps:  

  1. Install our DesignIt Button  

 After inserting a simple SDK script, users can now experience manipulating their graphics using our online designing tool.  

  1. Let your users explore their playground  

They drag, and they drop. They click, and they create utilizing our resources of 10,000+ layouts and templates, 100 mil+ hi-res photos and unlimited storage space.

  1. Publish to your site

Once finished designing, users can click “Publish,” and their graphics are pushed right back on your site. Easy as a breeze! No interruption, no extra step, no site-switching.  

All the activities take place right on your platform, increasing the much sought after user retention.

Interested in taking DesignIt for a spin?

Apply here, and we will get back to you with the necessary details to enhance your user experience with our DesignIT Button.

At DesignBold we work with the core belief that anyone can design their ideas and DesignIT button (powered by DesignBold) is an extension of that belief. It is our great pleasure to offer the DesignIt Button to other websites, platforms, plugins and to help spread simplified designing experience to all the people in need out there.  

The journey is exciting and meaningful to us, yet it’s always better to have companions along the roads. We are proud to announce our partnership with PostPickr, DragDropr, FinePostcards, our fellow DesignIt integrators who share our belief and chose to empower their users with the help DesignIT button. The DesignIt Button is already in action on their sites for you to try.

Check out the short video of DesignIt button in action at FinePostcards (Which is an online anytime send postcard service). As you can see in the video below, FinePostcards has incorporated DesignIt button on their homepage empowering users to create custom postcards without moving away from the main website. (Which leads to increased user retention and more sales)

Well, that’s it, folks! Now, you have an idea on how to incorporate DesignBold into your venture.

If you wish to collaborate, we are more than eager to have you onboard!

For more detail, please read more on our DesignIt Button here

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to reach out to us: [email protected]

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