Top Reasons To DIY Your Personal Or Brand Logo With DesignBold

Unless you already happen to be wildly profitable (please, share your infinite wisdom if you are), chances are you aren’t going to have a lot of spare cash on hand at the beginning of your budding career of self-employment. While it might be easier to let a professional take on the task of creating your picture-perfect logo, often this just won’t be an option if money is tight.

Creating your own logo is not just easy on your wallet! It also has some other benefits worth considering. If you have a clear vision and the right tools, you are totally capable of designing a logo that you can be proud of!

Key Sections to Note

  1. You Know Your Brand Best
  2. Your Cash is Better Spent Elsewhere
  3. It Saves Time
  4. You Can Showcase Your Skills
  5. Creating a Logo Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
  6. Let Us Help You
  7. Take Things to the Next Level

What Makes a Good Logo?

So, it’s clear you need a logo. Now you have to go about designing one. The options are truly infinite at this point in the process, and this unlimited freedom can become a little daunting. By zeroing in on the qualities of a great logo, you will be better equipped to attempt the design on your own. Below, we will touch on a few of the aspects of a quality logo.

  • It Gets People’s Attention: If a logo is designed right, by nature, it will attract the eyes of your intended audience. Good logos don’t need to be pointed out. They stand on their own. Whether this is through the use of color, shape or size, quality logos connect with people in clever ways.
  • It is Still Simple: While punchy is good, creating a design that is busy or intricate can take away from its effectiveness. If your logo is difficult to read or doesn’t look good from far away, you may want to take a few steps back.
  • It Should Be Correctly Targeted: Not every company is the same, so why would logos be any different? Your logo should reflect the audience that you are trying to appeal to. For instance, a good logo for a financial business is going to look completely different than an equally great logo for a children’s craft company.

Having more information about what can take your logo design from “alright” all the way up to “amazing” will hopefully give you the confidence you need to embark on your own design journey! We’ve gathered some of the best reasons out there to try and convince you why you can and should design your own logo. Take a look!

#1 – You Know Your Brand Best

Soft Petals Boutique FloristYour business is your baby. You have been there from the start, and you know exactly what you stand for. While it’s true that a good designer might be able to decipher that info from you, why go through the hassle when you could do the design yourself? If you have a good idea of what you want but are not sure how to translate it into visual reality, take a cue from the pros! Gather some of your favorite logos together and pick out consistent traits that show up. This will help you determine a basic look for your design.

And remember, your logo is just the concentrated manifestation of your brand! This means that to create a great logo, you need to have fully developed your brand already. All of the most successful companies out there have logos that reflect exactly what they stand for. Take some time to decide the look and feel of your entire company. Are you artsy or innovative? Do you center on trust or creation? These things should play out in your logo. A clear brand vision will help gear you in the right direction to make your logo!

#2 – Your Cash is Better Spent Elsewhere

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Don’t get us wrong – we aren’t saying that a logo isn’t valuable. On the contrary, a great logo is basically priceless! However, if you are able to design such a logo on your own, why pay someone else to do it? It’s not like you have unlimited cash on your hands. Plus, you could use the money you would have given to a designer on furthering your company’s other goals and initiatives. What good is a logo if no one sees it? Why not use the saved funds on an ad campaign to reach new clients?

And don’t worry about the cost of design software! There are so many free tools available to help you create an awesome logo. In times past, free basically meant that the quality was garbage. But not anymore! A graphic created on a high-quality online tool is practically indistinguishable from something drawn up on the latest version of Photoshop or Illustrator. Logo design is actually one of the main uses of DesignBold. If free just isn’t your thing, many of the professional tools now come at affordable monthly subscriptions instead of hefty, one-time prices. Millions of users are out there, already doing it for themselves. If they can do it, so can you!

#3 – It Saves Time

While a booming business can still eat up all of your time, nothing quite matches the sheer amount of (often unpaid) work you will spend in your company’s first year. At first, you might think that just paying someone to draw up your logo is actually going to give you back some hours. Reality is, when you factor in the consultation, all of the back and forth and then the time spent mulling over drafts, you might be surprised. And heaven forbid that the first designer fails you and you have to go through the whole process again!

Its true, designing your own logo can actually save you time! (And time is money, so this is another way to save yourself some flow.) With a bit of guidance and the right tools, you can come up with a professional logo surprisingly fast. We’re not saying to rush through it – in fact, the opposite is true. You should still take some time and try fiddling with your design to find what looks best. Even going at the process slowly, it’s likely that you will still come out ahead in the time department. Just one more reason that DIY takes the win!

#4 – You Can Showcase Your Skills

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This reason is aimed more at the creators, but it does still apply to everyone starting out. Nothing screams competence like the ability to take on a seemingly difficult task and come out successful.

For you designers, creating your own logo is a great way to demonstrate how capable you are to potential clients. It also becomes a mini portfolio to highlight your particular design style. Even if your business doesn’t pertain to graphic design specifically, if it is in the creative category, you want to be able to put your money where your mouth is right from the get-go. A self-designed logo also acts as an advertisement for your expertise and skill set. It is not unlikely that clients will seek you out from your beautiful logo creation alone.

And for you less-creative entrepreneurs, don’t worry! Many of the tools available to you (like DesignBold) will take care of the aesthetics, as long as you bring some of your innovative genius to the table. There is nothing wrong with being a Jack-of-all-trades. If anything, your soon-to-be customers will only think more of you for coming up with your own branding. So take your company’s future into your very capable hands and create a logo you will be proud of for decades!

#5 – Creating a Logo Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Sure, some designers may pine away, stressing every angle and plain of their logo’s edges, but this isn’t exactly necessary. A beautiful, effective logo can be achieved by a novice using simple technology. Yes, you read that right! You don’t need a diploma to make a high-quality design. We might even go as far as saying that the process can be easy – when you use the right tools, that is.Jasmine Hair Salon

The internet is an amazing resource. You have practically an unending supply of articles and tutorials written by experts to help you as you go and to steer you away from common mistakes. In addition to that, you also have some pretty amazing tools at your disposal. So use them! The learning curve is short and gentle. Take DesignBold, for example. At no cost to you, you can access tons of templates designed by actual professionals. If you aren’t sure about how effective this tool can actually be, why not check out the many incredible creations posted in the DesignBold community? That’s right, not only does this platform offer both premium and free membership options, it also gives you access to other designers, ready with their tips and praise!

Let Us Help You

Become the king or queen of DIY with the help of DesignBold! We take the hard stuff out of graphic design and let anyone tap into their creative side. It’s easy to join, with a simple sign-up process that literally only takes seconds. Once you’re in, you instantly gain access to thousands of stock images, an easy-to-use program and countless professionally made templates. All of these templates are sorted into categories to help you find the most fitting material for your project.

After clicking on the “logo” category, you will be taken to a desktop drafting board with a plethora of templates to scroll through down the left-hand side. Once you’ve found a logo style that tickles your fancy, the process really starts to come together. Don’t worry so much about fonts, color or images while choosing your template. The purpose of these guides is to help you with layout, so you are working from an effective starting point.

From here, you will be able to choose through shapes, illustrations, lines and icons to design your logo. Or, if you’re the crafty type, upload an image you’ve already constructed to add to the design. DesignBold comes with an excellent font selection, but if you have specific fonts that you would like to use, a premium membership has you covered!

Palette Tool
DesignBold Palette Tool

We also offer a very user-friendly palette maker to help you get a unified look with colors that work well together.

Once you have created an image you are proud of, simply download it in a high-quality format. Or, if you’re really excited about it, go ahead and share your logo with the world! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make the logo of your dreams – all by yourself!

Take Things to the Next Level

Congratulations! You’ve made an awesome logo. Now what? In the modern world of social media, Your logo is only the first of many graphics that you’re going to need. Posting is the new way to stay relevant, and you can’t continue to use one or two go-to advertisements to drive business. So, dive in to all that is DesignBold and take our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ post templates for a spin! We also offer ad templates and some great printable guides as well!

For the avid poster, our premium membership might be a better fit, giving you nearly 10,000 professional and beautiful templates at your disposal. Pro members also gain access to Premium Workspace and get Facebook Integration with their designs. Better yet, these super-helpful services come with a pretty small price tag – only $19 per month! Did we mention the sheer amount of stock photography and images that come with this membership? It’s any designers dream!

With tools this easy, there simply is no reason that you can’t become the master of your own design ship! Head on over today and find out just how awesome this platform really is, and get ready to Do-It-Yourself!

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