Important Elements For A 5-Minute Online Design Of Event Leaflets


Spending time on preparation for the online design of event flyers is essential to impress your customers and partners. What is the best idea you can come up with? How does the design work?…. Everything is up to you. However, actually many companies have failed to gain attention with their leaflet and event design.

Important elements for a 5-minute online design of leaflets and events_

Leaflets design in just 5 minutes

What factors should you identify when designing online event flyers?

Whether the process of the online design of flyers can be successful or not depends on the coordination between businesses, companies and designers.

Important elements for a 5-minute online design of leaflets and eventsWhich are the important factors in deciding the design of event flyers?

The goal of designing event flyers

What is the marketing goal your business wants to achieve? What event do you want to host?  Do you want to promote your brand and your products? Whether the marketing campaign is really a success or not is a matter of identifying the goals of the executives and then giving out requirements for online designers.

Targeted customers

Does your online design of leaflets and event target potential customers or the loyal ones? You have to define clearly between the factors such as gender, age, …. from which you can design accordingly.

What is the message you want to convey in the flyers?

That message needs to be the only thing you want to express when you start to design online the event flyers. How would the customers think, feel or act after seeing your design? The key message need to be expressed clearly when you come up with an idea for the design.

Important elements for a 5-minute online design of leaflets and events

Online design to send a message to customers

The content and forms expressed in the event leaflets

After identifying the important elements for the online design of flyers, events, businesses and companies need to take steps to define the content, form and layout of the design.

The colors

The colors need to be strikingly designed, in a way that can impress the viewer, however the ultimate purpose of the online design of leaflets, event is to highlight the brand. You need to ensure the harmony and suitability with the business sector, the dominant color of the brand.

Display brand identity

Businesses and companies should design their own brand identities with distinctive typography, images, and symbols, so that customers can recognize your unit in leaflets and events.

Present content

Identify the main and secondary content that needs to be on the online design. The design process should ensure to highlight the main content, avoid confusing viewers.

The size and shape of the leaflets, event

You can give your creative and appropriate ideas in the design of the shape, and the size of the leaflets.

Important elements for a 5-minute online design of leaflets and events

Leaflets design with appropriate structure

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