How To Construct An Awesome Instagram Page


How to Construct an Awesome Instagram Page

We don’t have to tell you that Instagram is wildly hot right now. The visually-based social media platform has grown exponentially in just a few, short years, and shows no sign of slowing down. Hundreds of millions of people have hopped on board, leading to a giant community of users just looking for pages to follow.

So, what does this mean for you? If you are a business owner, small or large, a free audience of potentially millions has to catch your ear. Especially for companies still in their budding stages, or for the self-employed, Instagram is great because it kind of levels the playing field. You don’t need thousands of dollars to make a quality post. In fact, if you have a decent camera and some creative bones in your body, you’re already ahead of the game.

But things can get a little tricky when it comes to harnessing the power of Instagram. Like most social media sites, Instagram has algorithms set up to filter content so people get to see more of what they like. Unfortunately, for those starting out, lower post likes = fewer people get to see what you put up. At the same time, if you only focus on driving numbers up, you may get a “false surge” of followers that ends up cooling down due to poor post quality.

So how do you find that sweet spot? How do you drum up a healthy following and keep them interested? Below, we will go through vital steps you need to take to make your Instagram account work for your business.

Key Sections to Note

  1. Pick Your Target Audience
  2. Work That Biography
  3. Post Smart and Often
  4. Use Those Hashtags
  5. Establish Partnerships
  6. One Word – Aesthetic
  7. Always Pay Attention
  8. How DesignBold Can Help

Step 1 – Pick Your Target Audience

If you want to get people involved with your page, having a clear goal really helps. Posting pictures of your products is nice, but it probably isn’t the most engaging way to interact with your followers. At this point, it is also important to determine your target audience or market segments. What is their general age and preferences? Use this information to create custom content. Even less-flashy businesses can have a loyal fan-base if people care about what they post.

This can be done by the use of storytelling, question-asking, humor or other tactics, but the main takeaway is that there are indeed tactics. It can also help if your followers feel like they are in an online community of their own when checking in to your page. When starting your page, it’s best to already have in mind the tone of your content. Having this clear will also make your page look unified, which is a major must in the Instagram world.

Those in visual and design fields really have an edge here, as your content on its own may be enough to capture the attention of passersby. Care still has to be given in the way that posts are made and how your captions are portraying your work.

Step 2 – Work That Biography

We don’t have to tell you that Instagram is more image-focused than text-oriented. But, there is one little smidge of everyone’s profile that is dedicated to text and text alone – the bio! This is the little snippet that sits underneath your profile picture, handle and follower/ing counts. It is here that you can do your best to describe your vision in just a few sentences.

But for those entrepreneurs that are looking to make it big in the Instagram world, the bio becomes of utmost importance. This is where you introduce your business to the world. While coming up with a clever little slogan is an excellent way to stand out, the single most important thing that you need in your bio isn’t catchy at all.

What is it you ask? It’s a direct link to your website! That’s right, Instagram lets you pop in a clickable link to take any visitors on your page straight to your site! Missing out on this obvious traffic-driver is a mistake you do not want to make when building the perfect Instagram business page.

Step 3 – Post Smart and Often

Now that you have the basics set up, it’s time to get posting! To be the most effective, you’re going to want to start with a bang. Your first few posts should happen fairly rapidly, to establish your new page. Make sure they all relate in some way, even if they are of totally different things. This is the first taste of your company for your followers, so be aware of that while putting together the content.

Once you break the posting ice, don’t cool down! Keep up regular posting to maintain attention and likes. Likes help boost your post so that more of your followers see it. It can help to set up a posting schedule, so that you don’t let life distract you while weeks go by without any Insta-action.

The ideal posting amount for business accounts seems to be around 2 posts per day. At first, that may seem like a lot, but remember that many of your followers may not see what you put up if they only check their feed once a day and you happen to be posting at opposite times. Also, keep in mind that you are trying to constantly get your potential consumer’s attention, and checking in twice a day is not even close to annoying for the average follower.

Step 4 – Use Those Hashtags

They aren’t as redundant and annoying as you may think they are! Hashtags are the Instagram way to connect with the related content around you. Better yet, it draws people who are already into that content straight to your posts! It is a very organic way to collect followers who like what you do.

There are a few tips when plugging these hashtags, though. It’s a smart idea to mix it up and use both super-popular and lesser-known hashtags. The uber-tags will add you to a larger community, but your posts are more likely to be seen in a smaller tag. What makes hashtags even more useful is that Instagram recently allowed users to follow specific tags, meaning that when you use them, you might be popping up in millions of people’s feeds!

Step 5 – Establish Partnerships

There is nothing that followers like better than when two Insta-businesses join together to offer awesome stuff. By making alliances with other companies on Instagram, you can create unique offers that drive up likes for you both. Try to seek out accounts that are similar to yours or that relate to what you’re selling in some way.

Don’t forget to return the favor, as this will help strengthen your little partnership, leading to more potential pair-ups down the road. Not only will you likely end up swapping some followers, you may learn tricks of the trade from a different perspective.

Step 6 – One Word – Aesthetic

A-what now? Aesthetic has taken over the scene on social media platforms. If you are trying to appeal to younger generations in any way, shape or form, pay attention to aesthetic. It’s the overall tone of your images – not just what you post, but how you post it. Think basic colour schemes, similar filters and corresponding image temperatures. Yes, all of that matters – a lot.

That is why those first few posts you made back a few steps ago were so important. Because once you set an aesthetic, you basically have to back and start from scratch to change it. To get a feel for what this is, do some Insta-researching of your own. Check out popular pages and look at how the little, square posts appear together from the landing page. You’ll be able to see the “feel” that each brand or person is going for pretty quickly when you’re searching for it.

Step 7 – Always Pay Attention

After you’ve put all of this effort into making an amazing Instagram page for your business, don’t put it on the back burner and forget about it. Stay involved! A great way to do this is by installing an analytic app that keeps track of the traffic to your page and posts. That way, you’ll notice when visits are down, or when fewer people are engaging with you, and then you can bolster up your ‘gram in these areas.

It’s also important to change with your audience. Instagram rapidly progresses due to the sheer amount of content that is put on it each day. Keep tabs on what’s popular, and make sure you aren’t missing out on any potential page-drivers. With some dedication, your Instagram page will flourish with the best of them!

How DesignBold Can Help

You might be wondering where DesignBold fits into creating the ultimate Instagram page. Remember earlier when we were talking about how you really need to be posting up to 14 times a week? And that all of those posts need to be high-quality, and fit a pre-determined aesthetic? Do you feel overwhelmed? We can help with that.

The beauty of DesignBold is that it makes the image-creating process fast and simple. The online workspace is easy to manoeuvre, as it uses drag-drop technology. Just by joining, you get access to tonnes of free stock photography and graphics. You also get access to a slew of professionally designed Instagram post templates! There is no better way to post like a pro than with tools like these!

And if you are indeed a pro, you’ll probably want to check out our premium membership, that offers more of all of the good stuff – like photos and templates – along with sizing tools, a premium workspace and Facebook integration. And all of that will only set you back $19/month!

When creating high-res posts (with a unified color palette – we might add) becomes as easy as a few quick clicks, you really have no excuse not to post all over Instagram. Show your followers that you know what you’re doing in the Insta-world, and create content that you can be proud of. Join DesignBold today and give it a try!

  1. Nicola Boschetti says

    Hi Abby, nice article. I am an indie artist (guitarist) and I wondering how to properly leverage Instagram considering that I work in studio most of the time. Thank you, Nicola

    1. Abby Clark says

      Hi Nicola! Followers love joining along for an artist’s journey. I suggest posting interesting shots in the studio, adding stories of song snippets that you’re working on, and coming up with some bold graphics that promote any shows you are performing at/ albums you will be releasing. It’s all about building “hype” around the normal tasks you’re taking on every day.

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