How To Make Royal Wedding Invitation


Nowadays, there are a lot of couples who want to have their own wedding in royal and luxurious style. In addition to prepare wedding cake, wedding clothes, banquet rooms… wedding invitation also is a vital part. Making a royal wedding invitation is quite simple if you pay attention to factors that create it.

Pay attention to the colors of the cards

Color, no doubt that, is the priority in identifying a royal wedding invitation. Normally, the popular colors are white and navy blue. Besides, gold is also an ideal option.

Moreover, you should take it into consideration is that the color of the text inside the card has to be in sync with the color of the wedding invitation. Thanks to this, it gives your card a delicate highlight.

Wedding Invitation
Appropriate colors make the luxury feel of the invitation card

Don’t forget to take a look at the background color

Usually, cream – colored is used as a background color to highlight the wedding invitation’s patterns, details and color. You shouldn’t use too prominent colors as your background color. This will make your wedding invitation become less elegant.

Wedding Invitation
Cream background color highlight the card’ patterns

Choosing suitable patterns for your own royal wedding invitation

Vintage-styled flower patterns create a sense of elegance, warmth and grace. The light colors which are not too prominent contribute to the luxury feel of the royal wedding invitation.

On the other hand, flower patterns in a modern, energetic style yet still have artistic value is another way to create your royal wedding invitation. The leaves, branches and flowers smoothly and flexibly stylized in a delicate and astute are best suited for a royal wedding invitation.

In addition, European-style edging patterns are simple yet still bring the modern, elegant fell out of your cards.

Wedding Invitation
Royal wedding invitation with elegant patterns

Accessories to go with wedding invitation also shows luxe and elegance

Having tinsel and ribbon on the cover of the rectangular shape of the wedding invitation helps to create a highlight for your wedding design.

Besides, affixing some gemstones on the cards is another way to highlight the card’s inside patterns. This makes the typical noble style of a royal wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation
Affixing gemstones helps create a royal wedding invitation

Furthermore, you can consider having a photo of bride and groom as the background of the design. However, you need to choose suitable colors, avoid using only white and black. Because according to Vietnamese tradition, a wedding should be carried out with bright colors and not black and white.

Above are methods to create your own royal marriage invitation. We hope these informations can help you get a clear direction on what you want your wedding invitation to be.

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