DesignBold Basics – How to Upload Your Own Photos to DesignBold


DesignBold is a powerful, convenient and absolutely free design tool which enables you to create in your own style. If you can’t find any ideal pictures on DesignBold library or don’t have enough coins to purchase royalty-free photos, you can Upload Photos on DesignBold to create your perfect design.

As a robust online design tool, DesignBold supports all basic features to create a stunning design, namely: upload your own fonts and images, change background color, use frames and add text… These tools are definitely easy-to-use. Only with several clicks or drags-and-drops and you can get impressive designs.

Don’t hold back your creativity. Upload some pictures and create stunning designs which represents your own personality!

How to upload your own photos to DesignBold

Just follow these very basic steps below, you definitely can edit your own photos and make it perfect:

  1. Click Upload on the left-hand side tool bar
  2. Select Upload your image and choose your beloved photos
    OR Drag these photos from your computer and drop it into Upload box.
  3. Set them as background and then Use DesignBold Grids feature.
    By selecting a grid layout, you can align your graphic elements quick and easy. With our grid collection, creating a well-organized artwork doesn’t require spending too much time on planning the layout anymore.

To catch on more about this feature, check out this video:

In addition, your uploaded photos will be automatically saved in your DesignBold account for future use in other designs.

(Please be noted that the size limit of the uploaded image shall vary with different types of membership, for more details click here. )

With high-powered DesignBold’s design tool, you can now create an awesome picture yourself in the blink of an eye. No need to spend days looking for inspirations or waste time browsing thousands of uncustomizable templates, our library of 11,000+ layouts can instantly serve all styles and needs!


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