DesignBold Basics – How To Use Filter


Not only is DesignBold a modern convenient design tool but it is also greatly brilliant in retouching images. Thanks to Filter tools of DesignBold, blending image color would be incredibly simple even to an amateur. Learn how to use filter to add some touches to your images with DesignBold Academy below!

Steps to apply Filter to images in DesignBold

You can use filter to make impressive effects to your images. It might be turned into an oil-painting, black-and-white image or even a reflection of a flamboyant summer. Just follow the steps below

  1. Select the image
  2. Select Filter in the toolbar
  3. Choose the filter you like
  4. Or select Normal then adjust indicator

Let’s check it out in the video right below

Customize and remove filter

Customize filter

After selecting a filter you are content with, the filter effect would be applied to your image. The most basic and easy-to-see selection is Intensity. You could slide left/ right to decrease/ increase the filter intensity

DesignBold Basics - How To Use Filter

You could select Advanced to make the superb blending effect. This customization requires a little more design knowledge but of course, the result is also more fabulous.

DesignBold Basics - How To Use Filter

  • Brightness: the bright level of the image
  • Contrast: the distinction between the bright and dark range to sharpen the image
  • Saturation: make it bold or faded with a specific color spot or the whole image color
  • Tint: increase/ decrease the shade of white blended into the raw color
  • Blur: increase/ decrease the image translucence
  • X-process: highlight the contrast among colors in the image
  • Vignette: shadow the image at 4 corners

Remove filter

You can try selecting all the filter then compare how they display on the image. Until you get content, try to remove some effects following 3 ways below

  1. Select Normal to remove all the filter effect
  2. Adjust all the indicator to number 0
  3. Fill the Filter code # cell with 6464646464006400 then press Enter

A tip for you is that once you make a satisfying effect blend, save it to Filter code cell for later use.

Be more creative! Why not putting on some filters to your photos right now with DesignBold?

Let’s be creative!

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