DesignBold Basics – How to use Grids


Have you ever tried utilizing the arrangement of so many stunning pictures? Have you ever split the design into equal pieces? In the past, it is not an easy job, but now, you can totally handle this issue by the Grids tool from DesignBold.

To generate a professional design, you should adjust the background color and choose the suitable grids. Just like other DesignBold’ tools, everything you need is to drag and drop.

How to use Grids in DesignBold

In design, using grids to align images is undoubtedly essential. Making organized layouts enables you to impress the audience strongly.

Follow these very basic steps below and you will be an expert in this skill:

  1. Click Search on the left of toolbar and choose the Grids icon.
  2. Select your favoured layout, drag and drop it onto your design.
  3. Drag images into every single piece divided.

Explore more about this tool in the video below:

Thanks to this basic tool, you can easily create for yourself a neat, clean and organized design. Try it now in DesignBold!

Try it now!

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