Direct Impacts of Image Quality on Business Communication


In the design process, if companies and businesses don’t pay attention to image quality, the brand’s message will be misunderstood, leading to marketing failure. Therefore, designers need to analyze the factors that directly affect visual communication, and thus design accordingly.

Image quality has direct impacts on persuasive communication in business
Image quality directly impacts persuasive communication

The importance of image quality in communication

Through the research process of the human information receiving and processing system, designers have come up with elements that impact customer communication through image.

Image quality has direct impacts on persuasive communication in business
Advertising design in business

Element of visual force

For customers or viewers to pay special attention to the design of a certain brand, the design must get high image quality such as: lightness, size of each image group, colors of the picture, ..Viewers generally have a tendency to ignore, and not pay attention to less attractive images. Therefore, the image quality has a great impact on the visual factor of customers in business.

Orientate the viewers’ vision

The general purpose of businesses is to direct the customer’s eye to the main image and information of the design. However, in the design process the secondary and sub-picture signals are often used, to make image quality effective in persuasive communication, it is necessary to arrange the image ads suitably such as: The place and colors of the image…

Impact on the viewers’ emotions

Actually, customers can decide whether or not to buy a brand’s product because of the quality of the image. Impression in designs can convince and determine the customer’s buying behavior.

Image quality has direct impacts on persuasive communication in business
Image affects the emotions of the customer

The combination of text and image in persuasive communication

Image quality is important and critical to business communication. However, the combination of text and images helps the design convey the message to their customers.

The composition must be harmonious

Text and images in the design must ensure the harmony between the size and the color. If the designers don’t balance the layout, it may ruin the design of the brand.

The focal point of the design

In a layout design, for a convincing picture to the customer, you need to increase the image quality by creating a focal point, enabling the message to be conveyed to the customer more clearly through the color, image size and position of the image.


In fact, there are a lot of brand designs are balanced by images, images arranged on the design will support harmonization in the presentation of features, or information related to the brand. Therefore, the image quality will successfully reflect the aesthetics and professionalism of a brand in business.

Image quality has direct impacts on persuasive communication in business
Visual design determines the success of persuasive communication

In conclusion, conducting business communication requires businesses to be truly subtle, they need to wisely select images and present them with other elements in a rational arrangement. You want to share your experience with the Design community? Learn more on how to improve your image quality with DesignBold Academy today!

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