Introducing PageBold : An Amazing Simple Landing Page Builder For Marketers

Introducing PageBold : An Amazing Simple Landing Page Builder for Marketers

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Have you ever tried to do build a landing page for your marketing campaign but have to spend days, or even weeks, to work with the developers?

Have you ever felt frustrated that even for the smallest changes you want to make to your landing page, you have to depend on your tech team to get it done?

Have you ever gone crazy that you want to split test the two versions of a landing page and you have to beg your designer to make the UI change?

If you are having any of those problems, then we have the solution for you. With PageBold, you can easily build any landing page with hundreds of pre-made templates and content blocks, such as First Screen, Features, Contacts, Early Bird Signup, Countdown, Pricing Table, Testimonials, and so much more.

That means, no freaking code required! With more than 100 ready-to-use content blocks, you just need to arrange them the way your kids play lego to create your own landing page. So while you can make your tech team work their ass off to build a damn cool product or maybe your content team to write a mouth-watering lead magnet content, you can just have fun pre-designed content blocks, creating stunning bold landing pages to launch the product with ease.

Here are some reasons why you will fall in love with PageBold.

#1. PageBold offers hundreds of templates and pre-made content blocks – beautiful in the design, effective in the marketing.

Simple Landing Page Builder with Pre-made Block Contents | PageBold

With a huge selection of pre-made content blocks, you can speed up the process of creating landing pages by just choosing the type of content block then choosing the style you want. We’ve done all the dirty work for you – researching, coding, designing, testing. Your job is simply choosing.

#2. With PageBold, any landing page created is responsive.

Simple Responsive Landing Page Builder | PageBold

As people’s behavior on the Internet is increasingly shifting to mobile, we calculate each element precisely to every pixel so they can go perfectly responsive. Even if you choose to customize, the content blocks would never break the landing page layout.

#3. Customize your landing page just like editing a Google Doc.

With PageBold, you can intuitively customize any content you want. Editing text, changing colors, inserting images, uploading videos, etc., you name it, PageBold got it!

Landing Page Builder with Easy Customization | PageBold

Even better, we love helping, so we can update any kind of template or content block catering to your own choice. Feel free to contact us via live chat or email [email protected].

Jackie Luu - Maker @PageBold

Still skeptical? See what some of our first customers talked about us.

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