Monochromatic Coloring and Monochrome Design


The monochromatic coloring is one of the coloring principles that all designers know of. So what is the monochromatic coloring? Refer to the designs with monochromatic colors for a better understanding of this coloring principle.

What is the monochromatic coloring?

The monochromatic coloring is one of the popular colouring techniques used by many designers today, especially in designing a brand logo. A monochromatic coloring is taking one color and gradually decreases its shade (darker or lighter) to have a color range called monochromatic.

The monochromatic coloring is taking an original color and changing its shade to darker or lighter to have a color range

Advantages of monochromatic coloring

The monochromatic coloring is the simplest color combination but brings a high performance. When choosing monochromatic coloring in your graphic design you only need to use a single color and try it with different color levels to get the best resonance.

What is monochromatic coloring? Designs in monochromatic color
Monochromatic coloring brings a professional and high value to the design

The monochromatic coloring will bring professionalism and high value to design products. This is simply because the colors of the design are more consistent – they are the different shades of a same original color.

The products designed in monochrome give viewers a pleasant impression as they bring a high concentration; viewers are not distracted and can focus more on the most important content.

This design style is quite popular in website design, however, if choosing this coloring technique, you will need to have a clever combination between different colour tones to avoid causing boredom to customers.

Design in monochrome

To understand more about monochromatic coloring, please refer to the brand logo designs in which designers use simple colors but bring great power as below.

The Coca-Cola Company is always loyal to the monochrome logo

Nowadays, there are many brand logo designed in monochrome because it helps bring comfort to viewers. At the same time, viewers are less distracted, so they can focus on remembering your brand. So monochromatic coloring is the best choice for designing a logo.

Also, using a monochromatic coloring helps designers to work faster. Instead of considering a variety of colors to suit your needs, you only need to choose different tones of different shades of the original color for your designs.

In general, the principle of monochromatic coloring in graphic design is not too strict in comparison with other coloring techniques. What you need is to respect strictly some coloring rules for designing websites or logos.

The above is some information about monochrome and design in monochrome to help you understand more about one of the important coloring techniques in designing professional websites and logos. To learn more about monochrome and how to design high-quality images, visit us at DesignBold Academy

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