Whether you are a professional designer or not, it would take you much time when it comes to logo design. Because a logo must be both aesthetic and valuable in conveying  the brand message to the customers. In this article, we would learn about logo’s  real value as well as consider which is the best choice for your brand logo

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Logo is indispensable to any brands

The definition of ‘Logo’ and its value to all the firms

At the very basic level, logos are symbols made up of text and images that help us identify brands we like.

There are 3 main values of logos

  • Differentiate your brand from others

Each logo has distinct structure made from different images, colors or typography so the customer would not have the same impression on each one. Therefore, they would remember different brands without any confusion thanks to the logos

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Differentiation between Cocacola and Pepsi
  • Memorize your brand in customers’ mind

The customers would not be patient enough to listen to all the details of your brand you are trying to convey. However, if your logo reflects lively all the value or features of the company, they would bear in mind your brand image for so long

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Logos must reflect brand value
  • Proclaim a professional brand

A specialized logo might make your customer trust and love your brand more because they see you are very professional in building the company image

3 requirements for a well-designed logo

  • No plagiarism

Copying other logo ideas is unacceptable because it represents for company image. Each brands must have unique value, message that can not be copied by others.

Therefore, an advice for logo designers is that before making a logo for their brand, just go search for other companies’ logo in the same field to avoid the repetition of ideas

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
No plagiarism in logo design
  • Truthful reflection of company’s value

Many companies out there are using logos unrelated to their brand. For example, the image of an apple in Apple’s logo seems not relevant to such an technology company. However, on starting to build a new brand, you had better try to convey your brand’s  values and messages on the logo as much as possible

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Simple but subtle design is suitable for a wedding dresses brand
  • Stability

Focus on logo’s stability rather than the trend to make sure that it would not be out of date just after a long time. Although many brands have changed their logo after such a time operating but it would cost a large amount of money as well as take time to make the customer familiar with the new image. Therefore, the best choice is a logo that is not so trendy but can stay long

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?

  • Imagery logo

This logo type may include photos, abstract images, symbols or any mascots…These element selected must be suitable in conveying the value and messages of the company to all the customers

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Pepsi is very successful with an imagery logo

The advantages of this logo type is that it leave strong impression to the customers which make them remember the brand deeply as well as have affection toward the company.

Another advantage is that imagery logo would fit international business environment so well because there is no need of translation for this logo type in any countries which is different from a slogan or brand name

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Apple- an international brand use imagery logo

However, if you are just buiding the brand from scratch and the business may get some changes in the near future, imagery logo is not a good choice. For example, you startup with pizza then you choose a pizza image for the logo but you years later you might sell others kinds of food and the logo is not suitable anymore

Typography logo includes wordmark and lettermark

Lettermark is often used as abbreviation of brand name if it is such a long and difficult-to-remember name. On the other side, you should choose wordmark if your company’s name is short but ear-catching a lot

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
Visa Inc uses a wordmark logo

If image is considered hardly in designing an imagery logo, text font plays equal role in typography logo. Text font in this logo type must somehow reflect the business features. For example, you should choose e soft font when it comes to a boutique brands

  • The combination mark

The designers use both image( symbol, mascots..) and text(lettermark, workmark) for this logo type which make them look more special and impressive. This combination are very benifial, for example it can show both the brand name and the brand image so that the customer would somehow understand the brand just by first looks

What is the most optimal logo design for your brand?
The combination mark conveys much more messages from the brands

It is regarded as a good choice for any companies due to its ability to convey much information about brand. Therefore, this logo type is such a trend recently

I hope that all the knowledge and sharing in this article would give you orientation in choosing the logo type that is suitable for your brand. Click here to get more interesting logo design idea!

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