5 Important Symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival You Should Add To Your Design


Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most famous festivals for Vietnamese children. Do you know what are the symbols of this traditional celebration? This article shows you 5 representative images of Mid-Autumn festival which you can make use of in your design.

Mid-Autumn festival and its significant to Vietnamese

Among beautiful festivals in VietNam, Mid-Autumn festival seems to be one of the most fascinating and colorful ones. It is often held in the eighth lunar month, the middle of autumn when the weather condition gets pleasant.

Mid-Autumn celebration is an opportunity for family reunion. The young generation often express their gratitude to the old in their extended family by the best wishes and presents. Simultaneously, the teenagers receive a lot of presents with many good luck wishes before the hard school time. Also, the traditional time to have this festival is usually after harvesting the crops so it is regarded as the congratulation for the full harvest.

5 Mid-Autumn festival images you can apply to your design

To each person, the image reminding he/she of Mid- Autumn festival may be not the same. But now I will show you 5 things which are regarded as the symbols of this festival and how they help to fulfill your design.

1. Moon

The moon in Mid-Autumn festival night is definitely the most perfect one ever. It is round, bright and big. Therefore, people regard it as the symbol of fulfillment, happiness and welfare.

5 Important Symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival You Should Add To Your Design

Don’t forget to bring this image into your design if you would like to remind the viewers of interesting childhood memories in Mid- Autumn festival. When the moon rises, adults enjoy cakes with some tea while children are busy with beautiful lanterns, funny masks, performing fantastic lion dances, sing folklore songs in the house’s grounds or in the streets. Especially, the moon image will make your whole design look more shimmer and impressive.

2. Moon Cake

Mooncake is one of the hallmark traditions of Mid-Autumn festival. Making and sharing mooncakes during the week of this festival is a special traditional custom in every Vietnamese families. It is because that people believe the round shape of the cake symbolizes completeness and reunion. Therefore, mooncakes are indispensable in your designs to welcome this special occasion. Adding the cake images to your works make them more impressive and familiar because it reminds the viewers of meaningful family values.

5 Important Symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival You Should Add To Your Design

3. Lanterns

The most favorite item of children in Mid- Autumn festival might be lanterns. They are always excited to go along the road in the village or street together with colorful lanterns  in hand.

5 Important Symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival You Should Add To Your Design

The lanterns symbolize children’s dream of a bright future full of luck, happiness and success. It is a great idea to add lanterns images into your work because these colorful details would make your design more vivid and lively to the viewers.

4. Lion Dances

Lion dance is an exciting special activity in Mid-Autumn festival that attracts not only children but also adults. Lion dance crowd often go along the street with animated dances and loudly jubilant sound by gongs and drums which make an unforgettable fancy scene during the day.

5 Important Symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival You Should Add To Your Design

According to ancestors, Lion is the symbol of luck, welfare and auspice in life, especially in this festival. Therefore, you had better make use of this image in your design as a feature of Mid-Autumn festival. Simultaneously, it would become a colorful hightlight in your design to make it more impressive and eye-catching.

5. The Moon Lady

Fairy tale says that there is a beautiful lady living on the moon. She is very kind and generous but just appear on Mid-Autumn festival. Therefore on the festival night, people often pray to her for peace, luck and completeness and gradually, it becomes a traditional custom to Vietnamese people.

5 Important Symbols of Mid-Autumn Festival You Should Add To Your Design

The moon lady has become the inspiration for many poets, painters when it comes to works related to Mid-Autumn festival. Also, you can make use of this image in your design to make it more beautiful and impressive

Those are all 5 things that symbolize Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam. The festival is coming closer, don’t forget use those 5 images to make your design more inspirational and meaningful in this special occasion. A good news for you is that DesignBold is updating numerous templates exclusive for Mid-Autumn festival 2018 so that you can make your own fancy one. Now it is time to design!

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