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Browse the DesignBold blog for valuable ideas on a successful business branding campaigns. A unique and stunning branding initiative will ensure your business leaves a lasting impression on customers, increasing both conversion and retention rates.

What Color Palette Should You Pick For Your Branding?

What Color Palette Should You Pick for Your Branding? Choosing the right color palette for your company is one of the biggest design decisions you'll...

Create The Perfect Homepage With These Tips And Examples

The homepage is the most important component of a website. In this post, we will analyze How to create a perfect website homepage with 10 brilliant examples

Benefits And Tips For Self-Employment In Graphic Design

The significance of freelancing graphic designing scenario From 2011 to 2016, the total revenue of the global freelance graphic design market grew at an annual...

How DesignBold Helps You Create The Perfect Website

What makes a great website? Creating a good web design can be a deceptively difficult task. Learn how to create a great website for your brand in 9 steps.

How To Create Winning And Shareable Contents In 9 Simple Steps?

Serious blogging is not easy! You spend hours brainstorming a topic before you even start writing on it. Once the writing starts, it goes through a...

4 Steps To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Brand

Learn how to create professional quality original infographics to boost the visual branding campaign for your brand in 5 simple steps

Top 6 Visual Branding Mistakes To Avoid

The most important step in developing a business and conveying its message is to properly use visual branding. In this post, we will know about the top 6 visual branding mistakes to avoid in your marketing campaigns.

5 Best Practices For Stunning Business Card Design

For every professional, a well-designed business card is essential. In this post, we will learn 5 simple steps to create stunning business card designs in a short time.

5 Visual Contents To Skyrocket Your Social Media Traffic Organically

In this post, we will talk about 5 types of visual contents that have the power to skyrocket the social media and online traffic of your business and website. We will also learn how to design the visual contents in an easy way.

Tips & Tricks For Using Images On Your Website – Part...

How to Design original images and graphics to use on your blog or website? Welcome to the Part 3 of the series - Tips &...

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