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Exclusive Black Friday Deal For 24 Hours Only – Lifetime Pro Membership

Exclusive Black Friday Deal, 24 Hours Only OVERVIEW OF KEY SECTIONS What Are the Details of the Promotion and the Link? What Have We Improved Since the Last AppSumo Launch? How Does DesignBold Make Your Life Easier? LIFETIME access to DesignBold's Pro membership Dear highly valued readers. We are letting you know that DesignBold's lifetime pro membership will be offered for only...

Rebrand Your Company With These Best Examples

Rebranding is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business. In this post, we will discuss when and how to approach rebranding with 5 successful rebranding examples.

Designs For The Perfect Facebook Post

What Design is Successful on Facebook?
What Design Makes the Perfect Facebook Post? Ah, Facebook. What was once the hub of all things cool and youthful has slowly grown with its audience. In fact, it's now estimated that over 65% of Facebook users in the United States are over the age of 35! This social media platform isn't just for the young, hip kids anymore! Instead, it's...

Redesign Your Website With DesignBold

When to Redesign
Redesign Your Website with DesignBold Imagine that you have a storefront company. You're looking to hire someone to man your front desk. This person will be the first point of contact for anyone who enters your store, so you are taking your time to comb through applicants. One of the applicants has decades of experience, but when you meet him, you...

9 Core Branding Principles For Your Startup

Startup Branding Principles Branding. The difference between a successful company and a failed one depends as much on branding efforts as it does on the quality of the product or service. Therefore, one needs to plan way ahead as to how they are going to create a brand identity for their business. Branding is not an easy task for a company,...

What Color Palette Should You Pick For Your Branding?

What Color Palette Should You Pick for Your Branding? Choosing the right color palette for your company is one of the biggest design decisions you'll probably ever make. Not only does it matter visually, it sets the mood for your entire business! Good color palettes can be the difference between your website getting noticed - or not! It's no wonder...

Create The Perfect Homepage With These Tips And Examples

The homepage is the most important component of a website. In this post, we will analyze How to create a perfect website homepage with 10 brilliant examples

Benefits And Tips For Self-Employment In Graphic Design

The significance of freelancing graphic designing scenario From 2011 to 2016, the total revenue of the global freelance graphic design market grew at an annual rate of 2.3% to a value of $57 billion. It is a colossal number indicating some very crucial facts. Money talks and freelance graphic design is clearly more than just a viable source of income. ...

How DesignBold Helps You Create The Perfect Website

What makes a great website? Creating a good web design can be a deceptively difficult task. Learn how to create a great website for your brand in 9 steps.

Get More Organized With DesignBold’s New Multilevel Folder System

With DesignBold, it is easy to create multiple graphics in a short time quickly. You also get unlimited cloud storage (available to both free and paying subscribers) to store all your designs and to revisit or edit those, anytime you want. You can access all your previous design works at "My Designs" section, by logging in to your DesignBold account. With...

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