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There is a quote by the famous poet Oscar Wilde on colors that says “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” Proper choice of color palettes & choice has the power to connect with the readers on an emotional level.

Thus, it is not surprising that, there is significant focus on the use of color palettes in websites, social media, and email marketing.

Many top marketing strategists believe in the power of persuasion that colors have. Every color has a message, and use of correct color palettes can incite a positive response in people.

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In real life, you have crayons, canvas and brush to play around with colors. But in the virtual world of internet and computers, you cannot use pencils or brushes. Here you need to use software to generate the codes for the required color palettes.

In this context of increasing importance of color choices, a right color palette tool can be handy.

In this post, we are going to have a look at some of the most useful tools that can help you in picking the perfect color palettes for your online ventures.

Let’s start with the color tools.

1. Adobe Color CC

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Adobe is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in the world of photo editing and designing.

Though the use of Adobe Photoshop has a steep learning curve, the Adobe Color CC is a free online service and easy to use.

You can try out color combinations and use the color hex codes directly in your photo edits and online projects.

2. HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes is one of the most intuitive and easy to use color palettes tool you will come across. You will find thousands of color combinations in an easy to use checkered color choosing board.

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In a matter of minutes, you can generate hex codes for tons of color palettes and see which one is a proper fit to your designs.

This useful tool is entirely online & free to use.

3. Paletton (Previously Color Scheme Designer)

Paletton has a great wheel shaped color palettes generator.

You just need to rotate the wheel and get the color scheme that you are looking for. You will get many color patterns to choose from.

Click on one of the color palettes which you like, and you will get all the details to directly use it in your online/offline projects and designs.

color palettes

color palettes4.

Colourlovers is an online creative community where people from around the world create and share color palettes and patterns.

It is a huge community of online designers who have created thousands of color combinations and patterns. You can choose patterns and color palettes to use in your website and design projects.

color palettes also provides two free to use advanced color palettes making software – Copasa & Photocopa.


It is a unique and completely free online service. It can give a complete color analysis of a photo. The system of breaks down all the color palettes within an image, and you can get the hex codes for each of the colors.

It is useful if you are looking for a particular color pattern within a picture.

color palettes6.

While writing a blog post or editing a photo, what are the colors that will go best with the original picture? How nice it would be to have a tool that will suggest you the color palettes that will match perfectly with the colors of your original image.

There is an online tool which correctly solves this issue. This online color tool is from the house of email marketing giant MailChimp.

Color Palettes


All you need to do is upload a picture. Within seconds (depending on the size of your photo), this tool will give the details of the all the color palettes in it and suggest the colors that will go best with the picture edit.

This information can make a huge difference and help you in creating an amazing photo.

Choose the color pallets suggested by the tool. It saves significant time spent on finding colors that will match with the photos you are editing.


color palettes is one of the latest additions to color palettes generator. The website has a beautiful design. The color generator is easy to use with great previews and color codes. It has been functioning since 2016 and has more than 150K users.

It also provides useful features like storing the colors on the cloud & finding the color palettes in an image. You can also export and share the color palettes to use in your online and offline projects.

This tool is perhaps the only color palettes generator that has both an iOS app and a Chrome extension.

To top it all, is free to use.

How Color Palettes at DesignBold Make a Difference?

In almost all the tools mentioned above, you will first need to choose a color pattern, generate the hex code for it and then copy paste the Hex code into the photo editor to get the required color for your designs.

For one photo edit it might be ok, but when you have multiple photos to edit, this can get tiresome and add extra time to your work.

At DesignBold, it is our aim to make the process of designing as comfortable as possible. So, we have incorporated a fully functional color palettes generator within the designing area.

Using the DesignBold color palettes generator, you can try various color combinations and choose the one that is best for your design.

You do not need to shift between apps or copy paste any hex codes. You can make the color changes all within the DesignBold dashboard. This feature will save hours of your time when you are designing multiple photos.

As you will be using the color pattern generator on the same screen where you are creating the picture, you can rapidly change the color profiles (without shifting between tabs) and make a visual comparison with the adjacent colors.

color palettes

For each element in the DesignBold layouts, there is a separate color palettes generator. You just need to click on the element and the editor will pop up with color options.

Within the DesignBold dashboard, you have the power to change the color of every element and texts for the best photo editing & designing experience.


Colors have the authority to connect with people.

So, in your designing assignments, it is important that you are serious about choosing the right color combinations. The online tools mentioned in this post can help you in this regard.

In one of the previous posts at DesignBold, Stefan has discussed the ten most practical ideas to use colors in branding & marketing.

Proper use of color palettes has been known to generate good results regarding user interaction, social media response, and brand recognition.

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