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A New Simple Way to Contribute to the Design world

Everything starts with a small idea. Share yours!

Each month, thousands of users from marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners to bloggers, writers, photographers browse our pages to find good designs that speak out their thoughts. The DesignBold team constantly strives to bring out awesome new design layouts everyday for our users; and we are looking for someone to share our passion.

If you love creating designs, want to build up your portfolio and to leave your mark on the future of web design and earn rewards, then you’d be a great fit on our team! Share your talent with the community by contributing to DesignBold.

We currently have

12200+ Templates

But our users are thirsting for much more choices!

License your designs

Simply create a design with DesignBold tool and share it for the world to use. Your layout will automatically be licensed under your DesignBold brand name.

Earn coins for every layouts

Once your layout is published, it will continue to earn coins every time it gets used. From publishing your work to DesignBold community, you will also have many opportunities to get exposure to the Design world.

Design for an audience of millions

Get your products in front of nearly 1 million users wherever they are. This innovative web-based environment has created unparalleled opportunities for artists to promote and benefit from their work.


Bring your ideas to life with just a few clicks

No complicated software needed

DesignBold’s pro designer tools, all in one place, make it easy to create stunning layouts.

No restrictions

Start with a blank canvas for total creative control, or pick a template, and mix and match content to get new designs fast.

Endless possibilities

Work with more than 1 million stock photographs, fonts and elements to create your own elegant designs.