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Advanced functions for Pro-Designer

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$ 49 /month

On Demand Credit

No monthly Limit Stock, Basic functions for Designer


  • 100 Credits
  • 180 Credits

    Bonus more than 20%

  • 680 Credits

    Bonus more than 40%

Amazing Premium elements library

Along with a delightful collection of FREE elements, DesignBold allows you access to amazing design resources with over millions of premium, best quality images at the lowest cost in the design market. Save money & get free bonus CREDITS when you buy in bulk.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay to active my Pro DesignBold account?

DesignBold gives you a Pro account starting with a monthly fee of $19. If you want to enjoy a whole year of Pro account, you need to spend $179.88 for a one-time payment, which you could save up to 27% of cash. Just choose your suitable subscription plan, enter your credit, and enjoy what we offer!

If I cancel my subscription plan, would I get refund from DesignBold?

Sorry, the answer is negative. You won’t receive refund once you had cancelled your subscription plan. However, all of the features you perceived before will remain until the end of your old plan. After that date, your account will be downgraded to the standard version of DesignBold. Feel free to resubscribe anytime you want.

The pricing list says I can access to premium layouts with Pro account. So will I need further payment to design and download these premium layouts?

Yes and no! Once you have purchased Pro account, you would have access to all Pro layouts we provide. Moreover, the only way to edit and download exclusive Team layouts is to purchase Team membership. But, one of the benefits for being a Team account is that you can access to both Pro and Team layouts. Sounds good, right?

If I use a stock photo outside of DesignBold’s premium stock storage, will you charge me extra money?

The answer is Yes. If you use a stock photo outside of our DesignBold’s premium stocks storage, you need to buy extra credits to purchase it. If you already purchased a Pro or Team membership, we give you monthly premium stocks that you can design using stocks which are not from our premium stocks storage, without paying anymore money for the credits. You can find the premium stocks in the “DB premium” session once you start designing.

I am a Pro user. Could my unused stock photos be rolled-over?

This feature will take place only when you upgrade your Pro account to Team membership. The unused stock photos of your old Pro membership would roll-over, combining with 100 new monthly stocks of Team membership. So if you are having 10 stocks left in Pro account, an upgrade to Team membership would let you have 110 of stocks for that month. Enjoy!

What forms of payment I can make to purchase a Pro or Team account?

We offer payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

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