A Step-By-Step Guide To DesignBold

DesignBold is a simple-to-use collaborative design tool and platform to empower you to create stunning visual contents, from the perfect social media graphics, presentations, to posters, invitations, or miscellaneous stuffs, DesignBold has you all covered. Whether you're entirely new to design or a seasoned professional, we hope you find yourself at home designing in DesignBold.

01. Your DesignBold profile

Your DesignBold profile is where all of your designs will be saved. You can come back here and access, edit, manage or delete them at any time. Remember, only designs you decide to publish will be visible to the public. To visit your Profile page, go to

02. Start a new design

Simply click on the “Create New +” button on top of your DesignBold homepage to see a huge selection of design types that you can choose. We support 50 different document types from Social Media, Marketing Materials, Letters and Invitations, to Blogging. Click on any one of those icons to create your first design.

03. Custom Dimensions

You can also create a design canvas with your own dimensions. Click on “Custom Dimensions” section and fill in the drop-down boxes with the measurement you need: pixels, mm, or inches. This is particularly helpful when designing a graphic for a blog or a website.

04. Create your first design

Simply click on a design type to get started. To illustrate, ‘Facebook Post’ has been selected and you can see it will open a new tab with the dimensions pefectly suited for your Facebook Timeline.

05. Choose a layout

On the left side of your design, you will see a number of layouts that have been specially designed for the document type you’ve created. Look for the one that inspires you the most. You can choose any of these layouts by clicking or dragging it to your design page.

06. Edit your text

You can easily edit any aspect of your layout. For example: To edit the quote, simply click on the text and edit the words to suit your needs.

07. Edit your Background

You can edit the background color by simply clicking on the “Background” tab and choosing a different color. You can also change the color of other elements in the layout such as text or scalable vector graphics.

08. Download your design

When you’re done with the design, you can download it as a JPG, PNG, or PDF file by clicking the “Download” button. We also support transparent background format.

Then you have your first design completed!

09. Upload your own photos

Want to use your own photos? Just click on the “Upload” tab on the left, then click “Upload your images” button or simply drag images from your computer folder to the “Upload” section. Any images you upload will be saved in your DesignBold account so you can use them later in another design. You can also choose to delete them from your account if needed. Note! Keep files under 10MB each and make sure they’re in JPG or PNG form

10. Search for images

You can also search for images inside DesignBold’s library. Just enter a keyword, say ‘Universe’, and select the “Photo” search option filter, the results will appear on the left side of the screen. To use an image, you can either click on it or drag it into the page, and resize as you see fit for you. 

11. Use premium images

The image chose for this example is a ‘Premium’ image, you can see there is DesignBold watermark on the image. Premium images cost  1 Coin to download in a design, in order to remove the watermark.

Once you’re finished designing and ready to download, there will be a prompt to inform you about the required payment for the image. You can also download the watermarked draft for free.

(See there's no more watermark on the downloaded file)

12. Use free photos

If you are after some free photos for your design, simple search ‘:Freephotos’ or click the “Search” tab and choose “Free photos”. You will find thousands of beautiful free images to use. Once you hace chosen one, simply drag it into your design.

13. Use photo filters

Once you have an image in your design, you can easily apply filters. Simply click on the image and “Filter” tab will appear. In the design below, the filter ‘Edge’ was chosen for the image, making it look more effective and the text is more visible.

14. Use advanced photo filters

There are also advanced options available for filters. Simply click on the “Filter” menu and then click “Advance”. You will be able to edit the images' saturation, tint, blur and more.

15. Five steps to use shapes

Using shapes can be an interesting way to add meaning or create new visual interest in a design. Here are a few tips that help you to learn the favoured technique in using shapes: placing shapes behind your text to avoid drowning it in a detailed background.

Select a shape

tart by choosing an image from our library or uploading your own image and covering the whole background of your design. Then search for a 'Square' in ‘Vector’ and drag one onto your page.

Change the color of the square

Change the color of your square by clicking on the square, choosing the ‘Color picker’ , then choosing the color you want.

In this example, we change the color of the square to white.

Reduce transparency

Now reduce ‘Transparency’ level of your square, as illustrated.

Resize your shape

Resize your square to take over a section of your background, as below. This will become the perfect canvas to apply text on top.

Add text to your design

Go to the ‘Text’ tab and add some text to your page by clicking ‘Add heading’ or simply hit ‘T’ on your keyboard. You can easily change the text font, size and color. Then drag it into position.

Your design is complete!

16. Choose the right fonts

Typography is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of graphic design. The ones you choose will frame the way your design communicates with the audiences. So here are a few winning combinations you can use in your design

Wanna learn more?

Let’s have a look through our Support Center to gain more in-depth knowledge about our design tool. Every guide comes with examples and illustrations to help you enjoy using each feature to the fullest.

Submit a ticket if you have any question. Our team is happy to help you anytime.

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